Thursday, September 25, 2008

New Periodical: Azure no. 33 (Summer 5768/2008)

New issue of the always-well written Azure (link):

  • The Sabra's Lawless Legacy by Assaf Sagiv - A plea for obeying the law
  • Kissinger: The Inside-Outsider by Jeremi Suri - A discussion of how Kissinger's experience as an immigrant shaped his political views and actions
  • A Culture of Endless Mourning by Hamutal Bar-Yosef - Bemoaning the prominence of mourning in Israeli culture and comparing it to traditional Jewish attitudes of moving on after a period of mourning
  • A Right Above All Others by Amitai Etzioni - Arguing that US foreign policy should be driven by encouraging respect for human life
  • A Tale of Two Sinners by Ido Hevroni - Trying to explain how repentance allows you to build something great on the foundation of a sinful past
  • Occidental Truth by Daniel Mandel - Review of a harsh rebuttal of Edward Said's (in)famous book, Orientalism
  • Maimonides at the Margins by Orly Roth - Review of a book that looks at the Rambam's perspective on "outsiders"
  • Sexing the Catastrophe by Marla Braverman - Scathing review of an outrageous feminist take on 9/11
  • Letters - Comments and response on A.B. Yehoshua's essay on anti-semitism (link), Marla Braverman's essay on the Israeli brain drain (link) and a review of Richard Pipes' legacy (link)

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