Friday, September 19, 2008

Jnews Roundup X

  • Dr. Benzion Twerski resigns from sexual abuse task force (Jewish Press, Jewish Week).
  • Dr. Benzion Twerski explains his reasons for stepping down (VIN). He says that his children asked him to step down (Jewish Star). All sorts of other interesting quotes in the article.
  • R. Yaakov Horowitz writes about the intimidation that led to Dr. Twerski's resignation (Jewish Press).
  • R. Mark Dratch also comments about the intimidation (Jewish Week).
  • Dr. Michael Salomon also weighs in (JPost).
  • Drs. David Mandel and David Pelcovitz write about educating children about sexual abuse (Jewish Week). Why publish it in the Jewish Week and not a newspaper more widely read in the Orthodox community?

  • David Luchins on Orthodox voting patterns (Forward).
  • Rabbis stick their noses where they don't belong -- endorsing a political candidate (JTA). Note the legal issues involved in a rabbi endorsing a candidate from a pulpit (OU IPA).
  • Pope Benedict XIV defends the legacy of Pope Pious XII in regards to intervene on behalf of Jews during the Holocaust (JTA).
  • Rabbi David Wolpe describes his new book against the vocal atheists, Why Faith Matters (Jewish Week). His local newspaper puts it on the front page (Jewish Journal). I just finished the book. It is touching, eloquent and profound.

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