Monday, September 15, 2008

Dalet Amot

Dalet Amot: Halachic Perspectives by Rabbi Ari Enkin
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I'm sure that fans of Rabbi Enkin's weekly posts will want to know about this book.

Book's Description: In these clear and concise yet comprehensive essays, the author examines over 100 contemporary issues highlighting their timely relevance from the perspective of halacha - Jewish law. Never shy of controversy and flavored with humor - readers are sure to enjoy this fresh outlook on our daily tasks. With over 1000 references to a variety of classical Jewish texts, Dalet Amot is appropriate for laymen and scholars alike and facilitates further exploration of the issues in their original sources.

"There are many topics that one would normally not expect to be addressed. The halachic insights are combined with the always welcome Enkin wit... The book at once informs and inspires."

-Rabbi Reuven Bulka, Congregation Machzikei Hadas, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

"This is a wonderful sefer...extremely well written...certain to provide every reader with something of interest...truly a worthwhile contribution."

-Rabbi Michael Broyde, Dayan, Beit Din of America

buy the book

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