Sunday, September 28, 2008

Announcements #057: Yom Kippur Headache Study & New Semester at VBM

Do you Suffer From Headaches When Fasting on Yom Kippur?

Shaare Zedek Medical Center, Jerusalem is currently recruiting healthy volunteers, aged 18-65, who suffer from headaches when fasting - for a study to take place over the coming Yom Kippur.

Click here to read moreThis clinical study involves a commonly used and proven-safe pill, taken before the fast, designed to alleviate these headaches.

To participate or for more information,

Please email:
Or Call: 054 627 2867 (This study is only relevant for readers in Israel)

New Semester at VBM

Here are the course offerings (register here: link):
Click here to read more

  • Tanakh
    • Parashat Ha-shavua - the Weekly Torah Reading
      An analysis of the parasha, incorporating innovative approaches as well as traditional commentaries.
      This course was originally sent out ten years ago and is being repeated.
      Instructor: Rav Yonatan Grossman
      Level: Advanced
    • Introduction to Parashat Ha-shavua
      A beginners-level examination of the weekly Torah portion, discussing themes and teaching one how to learn parasha.
      Instructor: Rav Yaakov Beasley
      Level: Beginner
    • The Book of Shemuel (2)
      This course will use textual and literary analysis to illuminate the figures of Shemuel, Shaul, and David, as well as to clarify the meaning of the text. This year we will commence with I Shemuel chapter 16, David's anointment. Previous classes are archived.
      Instructor: Rav Amnon Bazak
      Level: Intermediate
    • Studies in Sefer Tehillim
      This course seeks to reveal the themes and religious messages of the psalms by examining their structure and literary form.
      Instructor: Rav Elchanan Samet
      Level: Intermediate
  • Halakha
    • Topics in Halakha
      A weekly shiur discussing a specific halakhic question, an analysis of a broad halakhic topic, or the meaning and philosophy behind a particular aspect of the Halakha.
      Instructor: Yeshiva staff
      Level: Advanced
    • Laws of the Festivals
      A course on the laws of the chagim. Each topic will commence with an examination of the primary sources, tracing the halakha from the relevant gemarot through the rishonim and acharonim, and will address practical applications as well.
      Instructor: Rav David Brofsky
      Level: Intermediate
    • Mishna Berura (2)
      A guide to accompany the self-study of the Mishna Berura. The study sheets summarize and expand on the basic issues in the assigned sections of the Mishna Berura, beginning this year with Shulchan Arukh Orach Chaim 55, the laws of Kaddish.
      Instructors: R. Yosef Zvi Rimon & R. Asher Meir
      Level: Intermediate
  • Jewish Philosophy
    • Sichot of the Roshei Yeshiva
      Addresses (sichot) on the weekly parasha by the Roshei Yeshiva of Yeshivat Har Etzion, Harav Yehuda Amital and Harav Aharon Lichtenstein.
      Level: all
    • Mikdash (2)
      The course will examine the importance and role of the Temple in Tanakh, Halakha, Jewish philosophy, and history. This continues our series on Jerusalem, but is independent of the previous parts.
      Instructor: Rav Yitzchak Levi
      Level: All
    • Faith and the Holocaust (2)
      Where was God in the Holocaust? How can we continue afterwards? This course will explore how a broad array of Orthodox thinkers grappled with these and other questions.
      Instructor: Rav Tamir Granot
      Level: All
    • Modern Rabbinic Thought
      An analysis of major themes in the thought of some of the most important and creative rabbinic thinkers of the last two hundred years, including the Tiferet Yisrael, Rav Hirsch, the Netziv, the Meshekh Chokhma, the Seridei Esh, and Rav Hutner.
      Instructor: Rav Yitzchak Blau
      Level: All
    • Understanding the Thirteen Attributes of Mercy
      A close analysis of the meaning of each of the "thirteen attributes of mercy," the central component of Selichot, based on Talmudic sources and later philosophical writings.
      Instructor: Rav Ezra Bick
      Level: All
  • Talmud
    • Gemara Ketubot
      An analysis of the major issues in the gemara, geared for students who are learning the basic text on their own.
      Instructors: Rabbanei HaYeshiva
      Level: Advanced
    • Introduction to the Study of Talmud
      A structured tutorial on how to learn Gemara, starting from the basics, using text and commentaries. We will be studying the final chapter of Kiddushin.
      Instructor: Rav Michael Siev
      Level: Beginner
    • Reading Midrash: Vayikra Rabba
      This class will give you the tools necessary to study classical midrashic texts on your own. You will learn to understand the logic behind Chazal's interpretations of the Bible and to recognize the important literary forms through which Chazal formulate their ideas.
      Instructor: Dr. Moshe Simon-Shoshan
      Level: All
    • Talmudic Methodology
      A shiur using different talmudic topics to illustrate the nature of rabbinic legal thinking, emphasizing the analytic methods practiced in modern Yeshivot.
      Instructor: Rav Moshe Taragin
      Level: Intermediate
      Special packages sent out before each holiday, with articles on philosophic and halakhic topics, to enhance our appreciation of the holiday.

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