Monday, September 22, 2008

Announcements #054: Big Sale on Book & Mussar Kallah VI

Big Sale On Rav Yaakov Weinberg Book! Only $10!

Due to a large sponsorship, Forever His Students is now available at a massive discount of over 60%!

Click here for more informationPrepare for the High Holidays with the profound thoughts of Rabbi Yaakov Weinberg, Rosh HaYeshiva of Ner Yisrael Baltimore, of blessed memory.

  • The key to growing spiritually and how to stick with it.
  • Discover how to love G-d, love your job, and appreciate life.
  • Why celebrities can't seem to behave.
  • Learn our best weapon in fighting assimilation.
  • Getting the most out of our possessions.
Order yours today, and receive an autographed copy from the author, Boruch Leff.

Click here: link

Mussar Kallah VI -- New York -- November 16

The extraordinary gathering that is the Mussar Kallah will take place on Sunday November 16 at the JCC in Manhattan in New York. This is your opportunity to learn from some of this generation's foremost teachers of the profound and ancient Jewish spiritual discipline of Mussar, and to gather with the growing community of people walking a Jewish path with heart.

Click here for more informationWhether you have little or no knowledge of Mussar or if you are an experienced student, the Mussar Kallah is your opportunity to meet and learn with:
  • Rabbi Micha Berger, founder of the AishDas Society
  • Rabbi Yaacov Feldman, translator of The Duties of the Heart and The Path of the Just
  • Rabbi David Lapin, great-nephew and student of the Mussar master Rabbi Elya Lopian, and creator of the website
  • Rabbi Dr. Meir Levin, author of Novarodock
  • Rabbi Zvi Miller, director of the Salant Foundation, translator of Ohr Yisrael
  • Dr. Alan Morinis, author of Climbing Jacob's Ladder and Everyday Holiness
... among other sweet and deep souls who will share their wisdom and experience with you, to help you guide the journey that is your life.

The theme of this year's Kallah is "Lifting the Veils to Relationship." The day's full program of sessions will focus on learning, insight and practice to remove the obstacles to relating to yourself, to other people, and to HaShem.

Though little known outside the Orthodox world, and even neglected there over the last decades, the embers of Mussar have continued to glow, and this tradition is being reinvigorated today. Mussar addesses the spiritual yearning that is arising in every corner of the Jewish world today.

Only 200 places are available! Register now to reserve your place.

For more information and to register, please visit the JCC website or email

If you are coming to New York from out-of-town, or if you are already a student of Mussar, you are invited to join in the rich and intimate Shabbaton that will precede the Kallah. Information on the Shabbaton is also available at the JCC website, where you can register as well.

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