Thursday, August 21, 2008

Parashah Roundup: Eikev 5768

by Steve Brizel

The Structure of the Parsha

  • R. Yitzchak Etshalom helps us understand the different themes in the Parsha: link
    Overcoming One's Enemies
  • The Chidah, as prepared by R. Eliezer Kwass, shows us that the learning of Torah for its own sake in the path of the Avos and Imahos, is the main weapon in overcoming the historical enemies of the Jewish People: link

  • Swearing in God's Name
  • R. Ephraim Buchwald reviews the views of Rambam, Ramban and the Chinuch in understanding the serious nature of only swearing in God's Name: link

  • Loving the Stranger
  • R. Zvi Shimon surveys the views of many Rishonim as the meaning and context of this mitzvah: link (DOC)
  • R. Zev Leff urges to remember our own national experiences in accepting a true Ger Tzedek: link

  • Click here to read moreNot By Bread Alone
  • R. Berel Wein reminds us that our destiny is determined by our own actions and mistakes, as opposed to relying upon miracles: link

  • Fear of God-A Small Matter?
  • R. Yaakov Horowitz suggests that fear of God is the key to solid spiritual life: link

  • Mitzvas Birkas HaMazon
  • R. Zvi Sobolofsky analyzes the structure of Birkas HaMazon and urges to remember that physical blessings are given to enable one's spiritual growth: link
  • R. Shlomo Riskin offers a Kabbalistic interpretation on the importance of bread and suggests that we mention the martyrs of Beitar and their burial along with our acknowledging God with major miracles to remind us that God is capable of both large and small scale miracles: link
  • R. Asher Brander, based upon the Seridei Aish's comments, reveals to us why we are not seeking favoritism from God in reciting Birkas HaMazon on a partially filled stomach and a Kzayis: link
  • R. Dovid Gottlieb investigates the halacha of Ikar and Tafel in Hilcos Brachos: link (audio)
  • R. Baruch Simon delves into the halacha of Pas Haba'ah B'kisnin: link (audio)

  • The Unique Character of the Land of Israel
  • R. Herschel Schachter emphasizes that the Land of Israel is the chosen land for the Chosen People, whose special covenant with God remains unbroken, despite all of the travails of Jewish history: link
  • R. Avigdor Nevenzal and R. Jonathan Sacks underscore the uniqueness of the Land of Israel, as opposed to Chutz LaAretz: link 1, link 2

  • Easy and Difficult Mitzvos
  • R. Michael Rosensweig underscores the imporatnce of accept ing both mitzvos kallos and chamuros with the same attention and as indicative of one's Yiras Shamayim: link
  • R. Shlomo Wolbe zt"l, based upon his experiences in flying under the Egyptian radar in the Yom Kippur War, tells us that we tend to notice only the large and grandiose acts and spiritual resolutions, as opposed to the small actions and resolutions, which are a far better way for implementing changes in one's life: link (DOC)

  • Talmud Torah Between the Generations
  • R. Mordechai Kamenetsky reminds us that Torah study is a profoundly unique form of dialogue between the generations: link

  • Mitzvas Mezuzah
  • R. Yissocher Frand explains why the Mezuzah bears witness to the permanency of God and His Torah: link

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