Wednesday, August 13, 2008

New Periodical: Milin Havivin vol. 3

I have to catch up on a bunch of periodicals, that by now aren't too new:

Milin Havivin vol. 3 (fully downloadable):

  • Between Values and Theology: The Case of Salvation Through Children in Rabbinic Thought by Rabbi Dov Weiss
  • Prison Reform: A Torah Perspective on the American Crisis by Shmuly Yanklowitz
  • The Exodus As the Foundational Paradigm for Social Justice by Ben Greenberg
  • The Two Objectives of the Institution of Marriage by Rabbi Dr. Binyamin Lau
  • Postponement of the Mitzvah of Procreation: A Response to Rabbi Dr. Binyamin Lau by Rabbi Yehuda Herzl Henkin
  • Family Planning and Halakha: The Postponement of Mitzvat Peru U-Revu by Rabbi Yitzchak Avi Roness
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  • Takanat Ha-Shavim: Outreach Considerations in Pesak Halakha by Rabbi Barry Gelman
  • Et La’asot La-Hashem: Emergency Halakha in the Rabbinic Tradition by Zecharyah Tzvi Goldman
  • Seeking Prophecy in Historical Narratives: Manasseh and Josiah in Kings and Chronicles by Rabbi Hayyim Angel
  • A Case of Unusual Hospitality: Samuel, Saul, and the Witch of Ein Dor by Dr. Michelle Friedman
  • Rambam: Libertarian or Determinist? by Rafi Farber
  • Birkat Ha-Mapil: The Rabbinic Pre-Sleep Blessing by Drew Kaplan
  • Faith, History, & Interpretation: Reform & Orthodox Responses to Modern Hermeneutics by Alexander Kaye
  • Pacifism, the Jewish Mission, & Religious Anti-Zionism: Rabbi Aaron Samuel Tamares by David Wolkenfeld
  • Marriage and Torah: Navigating the Tension (Hebrew) by Rabbi Dov Linzer
  • The Disagreement Concerning the Frankfurt Rabbinate: A Look from Within (Hebrew) by Dr. Marc Shapiro
  • Counting Sefirat Ha-Omer at Twilight (Hebrew) by Rabbi Levi Cooper
  • “When Rav Dimi Came”: Discerning History from Revision (Hebrew) by Yoram Bitton

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