Thursday, August 14, 2008

New Periodical: Jewish Bible Quarterly XXXVI:3

New issue of Jewish Bible Quarterly, XXXVI, no. 3 (143):

  • Historical Allusions in the Book of Habakkuk by Aron Pinker
  • After All, the Lord Does Not Ask for Much! by R. Shubert Spero
  • Extra-Biblical Evidence of the Exodus by R. Reeve Robert Brenner
  • One Book, Two Books: The Joshua-Judges Continuum by R. Hayyim Angel
  • The Power of Threes by Prof. Mark Verman
  • Recent Trends in Biblical Source Criticism by David Stern
  • Creation: Something from Something, Something from Nothing, or Something from Hardly Anything? by Malcolm E. Schrader
  • Reuben: The Predicament of the Firstborn by Dr. Brian Weinstein
  • The Ninth Plague by Joel Forman

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