Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Audio Roundup IX

by Joel Rich

  • Halacha and Medina - Rabbi Y Barth - Authority: link

    Discussion of exclusions from positions of authority. The Rambam adds Isha to Ger and Akum. R’ Moshe Feinstein thinks he made it up, but there is a genizah document that says no parnas of either sex.

    Further discussion of seeming exceptions in Tanach and Talmud: link 1, link 2, link 3

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  • Halacha and Medina - Rabbi Y Barth - Pidyon: link

    A must listen three set series on redemption of captives dead and alive. It’s a lot more complex than just chanting “yeter al Kidai d’mayhem”

    How does halacha relate to the State (e.g. are settlements in harei yehuda still bchurbanah)? Certain Mitzvot can only be accomplished through some governmental structure.

    Related Issue – Is melech rshut or chovah? If rshut, is it reshut retzuyah (like Tzizit) or not (yfat toar). Can government be considered under the mitzvah of V’chai bahem or kiddush hashem.

  • Salt - Rabbi Z Cinnamon: link

    Reasons for keeping it on the table and implications for current practice. Lessons to be learned also included.

  • Rabbi Dr. Jacob J Schacter - Models of Redemption and Contemporary Jewish Life: link

    2 models – clear path and complex. Interesting insight that when Moshe Rabbinu said shlach na, he was asking that the geulah be complete and immediate. The answer was no. We are experiencing the complex one.

  • Smicha Controversy - Rabbi A Rackovsky: link

    First in a series on the history of the restart of smicha in the time of Mahari Bey Rav. While the story is familiar, interesting insights into the personal histories (what, great rabbis had history?) involved.

  • Rabbi Z Cinnamon - Nemanut: link

    What level is required for different applications? Interesting insights related to the Rubashkin Controversies.

  • Rabbi Ozer Glickman - Bitul ba-rov: Empiricism vs Conceptualism in Halacha: link

    R’Glickman shows his legal, MBA/statistical and rabbinic expertise in discussing positivists, probabilities and psak. R’Glickman, if you are reading this, please call Harold Z. of little Vilna because I still can’t convince him that it’s ok to eat that third hamburger patty!

  • Can You Be Good Without God - R Dovid (the other one) Gottlieb: link

    Can you be good without God? His answer in a nutshell, as I understand it, is: Yes, but it’s harder and likely not long lasting. Oh, and by the way, define good!

  • Rabbi Dani Rapp - Birthdays in Halacha: link

    Interesting Yerushalmi (Rosh Hashana 3:8) implies it is a good day. There are some other special birthdays (e.g. 50, 70) that are worth noting. However, focus on birthdays may have some element of chukat hagoyim.

  • Rabbi Aryeh Lebowitz - Tisha b'Av - Moving Forward: link

    Summary – see Hamlet Act 3, Scene IV – Hashem to us: “I must be cruel only to be kind” (or a more recent version “cruel to be kind in the right measure, cruel to be kind, it’s a very good sign”). Message: Turn our lives into Jewish destiny.
    [me- 1) see Eicha 2:1 and commentaries thereon - we can be highest or lowest due to direct relationship with Hashem 2) how many times does the phrase “ashreichem Yisrael” appear in the Talmud? Can you make a drasha? 3) Did the R’Akiva har habayit story appear at the end of maakot in order to be followed by a goodbye to punishments?

  • Rabbi Dovid Gottlieb/Minchas Chinuch: Shiur 4: link

    Further discussion of pru u’rvu. Bnai Banim K'banim – another great buzz expression (Mareh Kohain for those who sat in R’Arnest’s zt”l’s shiur in early 70’s) that really requires analysis to understand its full force (unclear). Also touches on IVF issues (do you need a maaseh biah to be the father?) R. Brander has some excellent shiurim on this topic and it makes you understand why R’ Asher Weiss says we need a Rashba in our generation.

  • Beyond Tolerance, Above Rote - Steve Savitsky: link

    Rabbi Hecht’s formula for achdut – Learn other shitot and learn with those from other backgrounds (ok – that shouldn’t take much).

    R’Berger quotes R’YBS on missing the erev Shabbat Jew (you know – the one who’s not jumping out of a shower 2 minutes before Shabbat) and discuss the aishdas program (www.aishdas.org - changing the world one shul at a time).

    Mr. Savitsky notes one shul where people are inspired and excited to come, he doesn’t note that this shul represents a self selecting audience (post hoc ergo propter hoc yada yada).

  • Rabbi Dani Rapp - Shalush Shudas and Havdalah: link

    “Time, time, time – see what’s become of me while I looked around for my possibilities I was so hard to please - - - won’t you stop and remember me at any convenient time.” Huh? Listen to this shiur to gain an awareness of proper (and improper) time and type of shalosh seudot and havdala.

  • Rebbetzin Peshi Neuburger - Prayer: link

    The first in a series on the philosophy of prayer – a chiyuv or a privilege. Here an introduction to the basics (Ramban, Ramban, Chatam sofer, R’YBS, R’Kook).

  • Kavod Hatorah - R Z Cinnamon: link

    Calling R’Ari’Enkin! This is a great topic because if you empirically analyze what people think is more important (e.g. standing during kriat hatorah or pointing at the sefer during hagbah) versus what people don’t seem to do (e.g. follow Torah back to the aron) you’d get interesting results.

  • R’ Weiss (Hebrew) - Devorim/Vaetchanan: link

    What is scope of Mitzvah of limud hatorah? What is docheh it and what is it docheh? Interesting insight from the Gra that Papus ben Yehuddh (brachot 61 – R’Akiva/fox/in jail for dvarim acheirim story) is the same as Papus (Taanit 18 – harugei lud/mechizato bgan eden).

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