Friday, August 29, 2008

Announcements #050: New FREE WebYeshiva Elul Zman & OU Kosher DVD’s on Meat and Birds

WebYeshiva'a FREE Elul Zman begins in under one week!

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Don't miss this oppurtunity to try WebYeshiva FREE for 6 weeks

Click here to find out moreElul Zman has always been an intense and special time for the Jewish people, a time where we try a little harder to become the type of people that God wants us to be. In light of the seriousness and importance of Elul Zman, WebYeshiva has decided to open its doors to anyone who is interested in seriously studying Torah.

Now is your opportunity to join the thousands of people from around the world who have experienced Torah the WebYeshiva way. Regardless of your schedule or learning background, WebYeshiva has a shiur for you. With 27 online, fully interactive shiurim offered at all times of the day, 6 days a week WebYeshiva makes it easier than ever for you to join an engaging, challenging shiur that's right for you.

This offer is available to EVERYONE - former students, present students and (hopefully) future students.

To learn more about this special offer or to sign up now, please follow one of the links below:
Personal Invitation from Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Chaim Brovender
View the Elul Zman schedule
Check out the course descriptions

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OU Kosher Releases Two New DVD’s On the Kashrut of Meat and Birds

For more information:

“A creative revolution in the teaching of Kashruth”
Click here to find out more
"We have never had tools such as these with which to enlighten our communities in the most important topics of Kashruth"

Kosher Meat – Unexplored Frontiers with Rabbi Yisroel Belsky
Kosher Birds – Who are they? With Rabbi Chaim Loike

Previously released:
The Kosher Fish Primer - With Rabbi Chaim Goldberg
Kosher Kidz – Learn about kosher in a whole new way

Available for free to yeshivas, schools, synagogues, schools, teachers…
>>>>>> S/H charge $10 for the 2 new DVDs… $16 for all 4
Contact via e-mail

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