Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Announcements #049: New College Torah Learning Program at

Rabbi Chaim Brovender's WebYeshiva is excited to announce a new learning program specifically geared towards American college students - Starting this Sept. 8th, the WebYeshiva College Torah Program is tailor made to meet the needs, schedule and interests of American college students.

From classes in Practical Kashrut for the college student to Jewish Philosophy throughout the ages and the spiritual insights of Chassidut, the WebYeshiva College Torah Program has a shiur for you.

Regardless of which college you are attending or how busy your schedule is, WebYeshiva makes it possible to make Talmud Torah a significant part of your daily college life.

The program starts Sept. 8th and runs through November 18th.

Even if you are not in college, you can give the gift of Torah by passing this announcement to a college student or email us at about a student that you would like to sponsor.

To learn more about or sign-up for this unique learning opportunity please visit our website at:

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