Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Announcements #046: More Shabbos In My Soul

For the past five years, Rabbi Boruch Leff has been a weekly featured Yated USA columnist. His column, "Toward a Meaningful Shabbos" is widely read and circulated to Yated's large readership. The popularity of the column spurred Rabbi Leff to refine the essays and publish them in book form so they might reach an even wider audience.

Released just a year ago, Shabbos in My Soul (Hardcover, 378 pages, Feldheim 2007) is a remarkable work which took the Jewish world by storm and created a revolution among thousands of Jews wishing to spiritually energize their Shabbos.

But readers wanted more and Rabbi Leff responded.

Just released to the public, More Shabbos in My Soul (Hardcover, 326 pages, Feldheim 2008) is the second volume in this highly successful series and is sure to add even more spiritual power to your Shabbos.

  • Find out why tasting Shabbos food is a great mitzvah!
  • Discover how cutting your nails can be a mystical experience!
  • Learn why and how to greet the Shabbos Queen with dancing and joy!
  • Feel Even More Shabbos in Your Soul!
"I enjoyed reading the book, as it provides the reader with amazing ideas and concepts. It is impossible for anyone who reads this book not to become a better Jew, who is sensitive to the beauty and majesty which Shabbos provides."
--Rabbi Shmuel Kamenetzky

"I am delighted that once again Rabbi Boruch Leff has provided us with a second volume of fascinating insights into the many facets of the holy day of Shabbos. Another well written and well researched book, it will provide wisdom and inspiration to all those who value spiritual growth."
--Rabbi Berel Wein

"Once more, in this second volume, you are treated to great depth, meaning and insight for the Shabbos rituals in a way that is captivating and entertaining."
--Rabbi Paysach Krohn

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