Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Announcements #042

The Jewish Community of Allentown, Pennsylvania wants to help YOU find a job!

We have launched Lehigh Valley Jobs to help you find employment. We list full-time job opportunities with Air Products and Chemicals, Lehigh Valley Hospital, Guardian Life and other large employers, and we link to the Human Resources departments of many more large employers.

Our site also links to the Jewish institutions in our area, especially our shul, Congregation Sons of Israel, sponsor of this ad. On our site you will find links to our Jewish Day School, Mikvah, Eruv website, Lehigh Valley Kashrut Commission, Jewish Community Center and more. You can also visit our shul website for information on the many weekly and special-event shiurim and programs we offer.

Click here to read moreOur warm and welcoming community offers affordable housing, lots of parks and playgrounds for young children, clean air and little traffic, and is 60-75 minutes from Philadelphia and 90-100 minutes from Manhattan.

For more information on our community, or for help locating a job, please email Rabbi Mordechai Torczyner.

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