Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Announcements #040: Nishmat Summer Program and Conversion Crisis Lectures

Nishmat Summer Program for Women
The Jerusalem Center for Higher Torah Study for Women
DATES: July 1 – 22, 2008
THEME: Family and Community: The Ethics and Laws of Relationships

Join us for three weeks of intensive text-based learning for women of all ages and backgrounds. Full- and part-time learning available. Beginners investigate questions openly, and master the basics of Siddur and Chumash. Advanced participants confront challenging texts. Students leave the program with a deeper connection to Torah, the land of Israel, and their personal spirituality.

Click here to read moreIn classes and chavruta study, students examine models of relationships, through the prism of the Bible and Talmud. We will analyze halachik sources that guide us in creating and maintaining healthy relationships with family and community, and investigate through works of Jewish philosophy different approaches to building these relationships in the spirit of Torah.


  • By Popular Demand: 5-unit course with Rabbanit Chana Henkin, Book of Daniel
  • The Sandwich Generation: Parents aging, Children marrying: Halacha and Hashkafa
  • Beginners: One-on-One Mentorship! Learn to read siddur, Chumash, Rashi, etc.
  • Advanced: Learn Ktuvim with teacher of the highest caliber from the world of Tanach (in Hebrew).
Students will learn with * Rabbanit Chana Henkin * Rav Zvi Leshem * Rav Da’vid Sperling * Rav Chaim Tabasky * Linda Derovan * Rav Yehoshua Weisberg and more.

ISRAEL EXPERIENCE Special activities include shabbatot together at teachers' homes and in the Golan. During the week there are many special activities like weekly tiyulim, guest speakers and more.

Nishmat - The Jerusalem Center for Higher Torah Study for Women The Alisa Flatow Overseas Program at Nishmat offers a warm and stimulating torah community to women of all ages and backgrounds. Classes are offered at three levels and include Tanach, Gemara, Halacha, Jewish Thought and more. While engaging you in guided independent study, teachers help you develop your learning skills and push the limits of your abilities. Full year study, single semester and summer programs are available for full or part time.

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The Conversion Crisis
Tuesday June 3, 9:30pm Eastern

In light of the recent ruling invalidating thousands of converts Torah in Motion will be hosting an online discussion on the crisis with:
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  • Rabbi Yitzchak Adlerstein, member of the beit din l'giyur of the Rabbinical Council of America
  • Rabbi Seth Farber, Founder and Director, ITIM:The Jewish life information Center
  • Rabbi Barry Freundel, Head of the Gerut Commission of the Rabbinic Council of America
  • Rabbi Benny Lau, Director Beit Morasha
This program will be broadcast via the e-TiM network which provides the unique experience of seeing, hearing and participating in real time.

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