Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Miscellaneous News of Interest

Sorry but I don't have time to do news roundups anymore. But here are some random stories that I think will be of interest:

  • Inside information about the concert ban in The Jewish Star: link
  • R. Alan Haber argues that a new guide for egalitarian minyanim is not up to halakhic par: Jerusalem Post
  • American, Israeli rabbis reach conversion deal: JTA, Jerusalem Post, RCA announcement
  • A new survey finds that over 25% of Americans leave their birth religions, although becoming unaffiliated is counted as leaving a religion: NY Times
  • Prof. Ariel Toaff backs down from blood libel: JTA
  • The Rabbinic Association of Poland re-established: Arutz Sheva
  • Non-Orthodox and non-denominational rabbis, check out the chart of ordination numbers: JTA
  • One of the most famous and most successful actuaries in the country is convicted of fraud: Hartford Courant

New issue of The Commentator (link):

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