Wednesday, January 30, 2008

New Periodical: The Jewish Bible Quarterly 36:1 January-March 2008

I just received my first issue of The Jewish Bible Quarterly. The articles are of varying quality but I found a good deal of interesting insights in this journal. Here's the table of contents with some comments:

  • "There is No Chronological Order in the Torah": An Axiom for Understanding th Book of Joshua by R. Hayyim Angel - explaining when Joshua 24 happened and why it was placed at the end

  • "But Abraham Stood Yet Before The Lord" by R. Shubert Spero - offering further insight into the Rambam's view that the events of Gen. 18 were in a prophetic vision

  • Amos the Prophet: A Meditation on the Richness of "Justice" by Fred Guyette - all about the theme of "justice" in the short book of Amos

  • The Political Side of the Zimri-Cozbi Affair by Max Sicherman - a suggestion that there was a political treaty between the tribe of Simeon and the Midianites implied in the union of Zimri and Cozbi

  • Torah and Rabbinic Compromises with Human Nature by R. Joshua Adler - examples of biblical and rabbinic leniencies given due to the limitations of human nature

  • Who Counted Righteousness to Whom? Two Clashing Views by Shadal on Genesis 15:6 by Daniel Klein - a retraction by Shadal on an interpretation that was based on his notion that Judaism does not require beliefs. Did he retreat on that claim also?

  • Ha'achashtranim Bnei Ha'ramachim: Translating Esther 8:10 by Zvi Ron - a survey of the various attempts at translation of this difficult phrase

  • Is There a Pattern to the Five Books of Moses? by Robert Appleson - I haven't read this. It looks complicated but interesting.

  • Glimpses of the Past in Genesis-Exodus by Joel Forman - an attempt to connect Genesis and Exodus to historical events in Egypt and Canaan

  • What Sarah Saw: Envisioning Genesis 21:9-10 by R. David Zucker - possible interpretations to what it means that Sarah saw Yishmael "metzechek"

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