Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Converting a Messianist II

In response to an Op-Ed by Shmuley Boteach last week arguing that a Lubavitch Messianist candidate for conversion should be accepted (link), Dr. David Berger wrote a forceful response with some chilling quotes from Messianist rabbis (link). His main point, however, is summed up here:

The issue before us is not whether belief in a second coming, which shatters the parameters of the messianic faith of Judaism, is outright heresy. Not every non-heretic has a presumptive right to be welcomed into the Jewish people. To allow a non-Jew to cross the line into Judaism while affirming a belief that Jews through the ages have seen as a defining characteristic of a rival faith is to declare that that belief, while probably incorrect, is acceptable in Judaism. It is to declare that on a matter of fundamental principle, our martyred ancestors were wrong, and their Christian murderers were right.
(See also this post)

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