Tuesday, November 13, 2007

New Periodical: Hakirah volume 5 (Fall 2007)

A new issue of Hakirah was recently published. Articles include:

  • Letters to the Editor - A very extensive debate over R. Yehudah Henkin's article in the previous issue about shaking hands with women
  • What is "Emunat Hakhamim"? in which R. Nachum Rabinovitch argues that "Emunas Chakhamim" is: "faith that the words of our Sages contain deep significance and truths that are worth seeking out" and "faith and self-confidence that with one's G-d-given mind it is possible to comprehend the wisdom hidden in the words of the Sages."
  • Rambam and Zevulun: Boz Yavuzu Lo by Asher Benzion Buchman, about the Rambam's personal financial situations throughout his life and its halakhic implications
  • Review Essay: Worship of the Heart by Lawrence J. Kaplan, a fairly harsh review
  • Divine Providence -- Goals, Hopes and Fears by David Guttmann, a very involved exploration of Providence in the Rambam
  • Reclaiming the Self: Adam's Sin and the Human Psyche by Menachem Krakowski, by a descendant (grandson?) of the Avodas Ha-Melekh
  • Symmetrically Designed Sifrei Torah: A Quantitative Analysis by Sheldon Epstein, Bernard Dickman and Yonah Wilamowsky, all about how many letters and verses are in the Torah
  • Tikkunei Soferim, an Analysis of a Masoretic Phenomenon by Avrohom Lieberman
  • Review Essay: Bach, Rabbi Joel Sirkes by Heshy Zelcer, a review of this book from Yashar
  • On the Nature of the Debate Between Chassidim and Misnagdim, and What Emerges From It by R. Gedaliah Rabinowitz
  • On the Subject of Conjoined Twins by R. Avraham Zucker

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