Thursday, November 15, 2007

JNews Roundup VI

by Raphael Davidovich


  • No more Tzedaka collecting at the Kotel (Arutz Sheva)
  • Thousand year-old Aleppo Codex Manuscript found ( Ynet News)
  • Olmert calls for PA to recognize Israel as a Jewish State as a pre-condition to talks. (BBC News)

  • USA

  • Houston attorney scores victory for Texas Jewish community (Jewish Herald-Voice)
  • Annual Chabad Shaliach Conference held in NY (Jewish Week)
  • Seattle soda-maker promises ham flavor will be kosher (Ynet News)
  • North Jersey Y goes Kosher (Jewish Standard)
  • Rabbis and Imams meet (link)
  • White House implores Jewish organizations to support Annapolis Summit (Forward
  • Norman Mailer dies (Forward)
  • Revisiting Pollard again (Jewish Press

  • Other Countries

  • Bnai Brith Canada faces Revolt (Forward\
  • Trouble in the Berlin Jewish community (Forward)
  • Neo-Nazis and anti-Nazis clash in Prague (Forward)
  • Ukrainian President pledges Reb Nachman's gravesite Safety (YNet News)
  • Staff emails indicate that British Royal Family not keen on ever visiting Israel (Jewish Chronicle)

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