Monday, October 08, 2007

Hirhurim Announcement: General Editor

And yet another new development at Hirhurim! I am pleased to announce a new addition to the Hirhurim team. Rabbi Ari Enkin, who has contributed to Hirhurim in the past, will now serve as the General Editor of Hirhurim. Although his main responsibility will be editing and moderating the comments, he will also proofread Hirhurim posts and edit as needed. He will continue to occasionally contribute his own material to the blog as well. I'm sure all of Hirhurim's readers will welcome Ari and bear with him as he becomes acclimated to his new role.

For Rabbi Enkin's complete bio, click here.

Rabbi Ari N. Enkin fulfilled his life-long dream of making aliyah in July 2004 after serving for seven years as a congregational and community rabbi in Montreal, Edmonton, and Winnipeg.

Rabbi Enkin grew up in Montreal although he attended and graduated Ner Israel High School in Toronto. Following high school he learned in a number of Yeshivot including the Yeshiva Gedola of Montreal from where he received Semicha. He also received Semikhah from the late Rav Pinchas Hirschprung of Montreal, among others, as well as having recently received Yadin Yadin ordinations from noted dayanim in Israel. He holds a Masters Degree in Informal Adult Education from Athabasca University in Alberta, Canada.

Rabbi Enkin recently published a 310 page English Halacha Sefer, Dalet Amot – Halachic Perspectives which covers over 100 contemporary halachic issues. The sefer was warmly endorsed by prominent rabbis from across the orthodox spectrum including rabbis Michael Broyde, Don Channen, and Ruvain Bulka. The first printing quickly sold out and a second revised edition is underway (Gefen Publishing House), as is a second volume in this series. Rabbi Enkin is also a frequent contributor to a number of publications on mostly Halachic topics.

Since making Aliyah Rabbi Enkin has taught at Yeshivat Lev HaTorah, Moreshet Yam HaTorah Seminary for Women, and Machon Hadati of the Jewish Agency among other institutions of Torah learning, generally focusing on Halacha studies complimented with community-wide shiurim and public speaking engagements. He has also completed a one year service in Mishmar Hagevul (Border Police) and serves as needed on reserve duty.

Through a regular emailing and a weekly on-line Torah ‘Dispatch’ that he sends out, Rabbi Enkin has been able to keep up with many former students and congregants throughout the years.

Rabbi Enkin is married to Shayna (formerly Erber, from Har Nof, Jerusalem) and they have three children, Shira, 8, Eitan 4, and Tehilla 2. They currently reside in Ramat Beit Shemesh. Rabbi Enkin's preferred area of study and teaching is, of course, Halakhah.

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