Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Chief Rabbi Is Coming

What, more medical ethics? Yes. There's another conference on medical ethics at YU on October 14th (link). The topic is "Partners in Creation: Fertility, Modern Medicine and Jewish Law". These conferences tend to be more interesting to specialists in the field than average Joes like you and me. I wouldn't even post about it except that I noticed that one of the speakers is Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks. He certainly isn't the only interesting speaker listed but it's worth it to go just to hear him.

In Brooklyn, whenever any sort of rebbe or rosh yeshiva comes to visit, no matter how obscure he may be, his supporters (illegally) hang up signs on lampposts informing the community that "Tzaddik Ba La-Ir", a righteous man is coming to the city. I don't like that kind of title inflation but certainly the Chief Rabbi coming to the city is worthy of mention.

And if you're a doctor or medical ethicist, this conference will certainly interest even without the Chief Rabbi.

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