Monday, August 27, 2007

And They're Off

With the beginning of a new academic year this week, the Yeshiva College Commentator and Stern College Observer have new issues.

As the largest class in Stern College history arrives (link), The Observer takes up three big issues in our community from the summer -- the new dean of RIETS (link), a response to Noah Feldman (link) and a review with which I strongly disagree of the final Harry Potter book (link).

The Commentator only addresses one of these -- the new dean (link), but also other administrative appointments (I, II). It also addresses what I consider to be a non-issue, YU's drop in US News & World Report's rankings (link). And it has two strong editorials -- one about the rankings (link) and another about the future of the Jewish studies programs (link).

If I had to rank the two papers, I'd say The Commentator won for relevance but The Observer won for human interest.

UPDATE: It seem I missed the editorial in The Observer on the school's ranking: link

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