Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Dynamic Duo in LA

An OU West Coast Torah Convention inspired event
Confronting the Challenges
A Believing Jew in the Modern World

Rabbi Natan Slifkin
Famed author of several controversial books on Biblical Zoology and Torah and Science.


Rabbi Chaim Eisen
Gifted educator, author, and one of the most brilliant and creative minds in Jewish Thought.

Shabbat, August 4 ~ 6:00pm Mincha, Seudat Shelisheet and Panel at Beth Jacob (9030 W. Olympic Blvd.)
Da’at Torah: What are the Limits of Rabbinic Authority? Are Rabbis Infallible?

Tuesday, August 7 ~ 7:00pm Mincha and Panel at Beth Jacob (9030 W. Olympic Blvd.)
Cherem (excommunication): Who Decides the Acceptable Limits of "Mainstream?" What Lies "Out-of-Bounds?"

Wednesday, August 8 ~ 7:00pm Mincha and Panel at West Coast Torah Center (322 N. Foothill Rd.)
The Talmudists, the Halachists, and the Scientists: Is Jewish Law Based Upon Spurious Science or Did Chazal Know Quantum Mechanics?

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