Monday, May 28, 2007

Blue Moon and More

Blue Moon

This week we will have a "blue moon". See here for the definition of it: Two full moons in the same solar month. And see here for the Wikipedia entry.

Pass the Pasta

I was feeding my 10-month old today and put a bunch of macaroni on his tray. He picked up a handful and shoved it in his face. One piece went into his mouth and the rest fell onto his bib. He then repeated the exercise with only one piece going into his mouth and the rest onto his bib. I told him, "Pasta merubah lo pasta" but he didn't appreciate the pun.

The Signs They Are A-Changin'

I live a few blocks from an auto mall, with various car dealerships and their service centers. Recently, due to the increased Jewish presence in the community, the dealerships have opened on Sundays. They made a big deal about this and hung up signs in English and Yiddish about how they are opening for us out of friendship (which, of course, is not true; they just want our business). The funny thing is that most people in the neighborhood have such limited Yiddish abilities that they knew what the Yiddish signs said because of the English translation. I noticed a week or two ago that all but one of the Yiddish-English signs have been replaced with Hebrew-English signs, which at least for me is much more understandable. It could have been worse. They could have put up Yiddish signs for a Sephardic community.

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