Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Undoing a Chillul Hashem

R. Yonah of Gerona, Sha'arei Teshuvah 1:47 (translation by R. Yaakov Feldman - taken from here):

There's one sin, however -- profaning G-d’s name -- in whose case both tshuvah and tribulations are held in abeyance, and (only) death purges. As it's said, “Surely this sin will not be forgiven you till you die” (Isaiah 22:14). Try, in that instance, to champion truth, to bolster it, and to be encouraged by it, as well as to convey truth’s light to other Jews by upholding men of truth and exalting them, while denigrating liars and casting them to the ground. For that’s how you sanctify G-d’s name, and lend glory and splendor to the belief in Him and to the service of Him in the world. And how you strengthen and glorify the Sanctuary of His Torah. So do as much as you can to sanctify G-d’s name, to encourage the truth, to accommodate it and come to its aid, and you’ll be forgiven for your sinful profanation of His name with your tshuvah. Because you substituted truth for your blameworthy profanation. And your tshuvah corresponded to your lapses. That’s what’s meant by, “Sins are forgiven through kindness and truth”.
See also Sha'arei Teshuvah 4:5.

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