Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Homosexuality in Halakhah VIII

I received the following from the Union for Traditional Judaism. Note that I have no affiliation with them whatsoever and do not advocate their views. I am posting this simply because these former Conservative rabbis are blasting the Conservative movement's vote today on homosexuality. The following is by Rabbis Bruce Ginsburg and Ronald Price, respectively the president and executive vice president of UTJ.

The Conservative Movement's decision to issue contradictory opinions on homosexual behavior should confuse no one. The only opinion that really matters is the one that endorses gay commitment ceremonies and the ordination of professing homosexuals as rabbis.

In keeping with a decades-old pattern on a host of issues, the Conservative view which breaks ranks with Jewish law and tradition is the one which ultimately sweeps the movement. Given this reality, the Committee on Jewish Law and Standards would have been more forthright had it acknowledged a blanket reversal of the biblical prohibition on homosexuality. Its endorsement of same-sex commitment ceremonies and the ordination of homosexuals while ostensibly maintaining the traditional ban on anal sex is not only disingenuous. It is ludicrous.

Our hearts go out to the dwindling corps of traditionalists who until now have remained within the Conservative Movement. Any fig leaf of commitment to Jewish law within their institutions has now been utterly stripped away...

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