Thursday, December 28, 2006

Exotic Shofars

Just in time for Daf Yomi, R. Natan Slifkin posted an extensive essay titled "Exotic Shofars: Halachic Considerations" (link - PDF). Here are the section headings:

  • Kosher Animals
  • Hollow Horns and the Tzvi
  • The Requirement of Curvature
    • Straight vs. Curved
    • The Problem with Ordinary Shofars
  • The Preference for Rams
    • Requirement vs. Preference
    • The Yemenite Kudu Shofar
  • The Problem with Gemsbock
    • The Gemsbock as the Re'em
    • The Keren of the Re'em
  • An Argument for Permissibility
  • Summary

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