Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Course in Mussar

Distance-learning of midos (link):

What is The Course In Mussar?

The Course In Mussar answers the question: "How can I access Jewish wisdom that will really touch and transform my soul?" This course provides time-tested teachings and practical tools for living that have been developed within an ancient Jewish spiritual tradition. Week by week, we focus on enhancing soul-traits including patience, gratitude, generosity, equanimity, silence, trust and truth. The Course in Mussar helps you cultivate awareness, insight and change – all to carry you closer to realizing your soul's potential.

How the Course Works

This carefully designed six-month course provides a flexible and accessible program of personal learning, group support, and individualized guidance that puts Mussar’s methods to work in your life to bring about deep and lasting change.

The Course In Mussar I comes right to your home. It includes:
  • Weekly readings and personalized practice assignments accessible from wherever you are on a password-accessed website.

  • Regular participation in a small, guided Mussar support group (a va'ad), face-to-face if locally available, otherwise online and by telephone.

  • Another student as a learning partner (chevruta).

  • Periodic interactive process reports.

  • Two, 30-minute personal one-on-one conversations and guidance with myself, Alan Morinis, or Shirah Bell, or another experienced Mussar guide.
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