Thursday, August 10, 2006

YU Accessories

After reading about YU's website being hacked (link), I went to take a look at it and saw that they are selling YU accessories. Highlights include silk ties, baseball caps and mugs. I'd think the tie is perfect for wearing to Agudah conferences, or for yeshiva bachurim on Purim. I would recommend against wearing one for yeshiva interviews for your children.

But beware when wearing such clothes in public. True story: When I was learning in the YU kollel, someone once came into the beis midrash and put down a box of "YU staff" t-shirts that were extra and were available for the taking. I took one (they were all XL) and my wife adopted it as hers. Because it was so large, the sleeves were long enough and it fit her stomach during pregnancy. Whenever my wife wore the shirt outside of the house in Brooklyn, she would always be stopped by people who knew a girl whom they wanted to "set up" with a guy from YU. It was an inevitable delay to her shopping and errands.

It also makes a great wedding gift for Steven I. Weiss.

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