Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Why I'm Buying The Challenge of Creation

I received this e-mail last week and have been given permission to post it:

Dear Gil,

I'm a Conservative Jew, who has recently started attending an Orthodox congregation. I am receptive to the Orthodox view of the world when it comes to matters of faith and practice, but find rigid, intolerant, literalism, particularly with respect to matters of science, a total "turn off." I could not dedicate myself to a Torah that requires blinding ourselves to empirically established facts.

I read the reference to Rabbi Slifkin's book in the Weekly Standard and was intrigued. (I read a book with a similar premise, that I recall as being "The Science of G-d" a decade ago or so, by somebody I recall as Gerald Schroeder...do you recall that book?)

This view opens a door to faith that would be closed to people like me if the rabbis who would ban this point of view were to prevail. This was a point you made in the article on your web-site in support Rabbi Slifkin.

Thanks for standing up for a Torah perspective open to scientific inquiry and facts. Well worth the extra $5.00 for shipping!

Buy the book

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