Sunday, July 02, 2006

Accountability of Communal Organizations

R. Tzvi Shpitz, as translated by R. Aaron Tendler (link):

Community officials that are responsible for the fiscal affairs of charity organizations, synagogues, Mikva'os, and any other communal programs, must voluntarily provide a financial report to the public. This is true even if the officers are known to be honest, and have been elected by the community to do their job. The custom is that a report be issued at least once a year. Although they should indicate what their primary income and expenses were, it is not necessary to provide all information down to the last detail.

If a situation arises where a community official is suspected of using communal funds inappropriately, this official must provide a thorough accounting for all funds under his control to a Rabbi or other member of the community appointed to investigate the matter. He may refuse to provide an accounting in front of other members of the community, or to anyone who he feels dislikes him and may have a vendetta against him.

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