Sunday, June 04, 2006

Man and Beast

Man and Beast has arrived! Order it online or ask for it in your local bookstore.

Note that some bookstores will receive resistance from one or two customers about their selling this book. Your support, by verbally requesting the book and thanking the store manager for stocking it, will serve to counter this resistance. In the end, the loudest customer wins. So please take the time to ask for this book in your local bookstore, and register your concern if the book is not sold.

Man and Beast presents a comprehensive Jewish perspective on our relationship with the animal kingdom. From the blessings to be recited when visiting the zoo, to understanding what exactly sets us apart from animals, to the issues involved in keeping pets - an entire framework is presented.

"Rabbi Natan Slifkin's new book, Man and Beast, offers a comprehensive view of Judaism's attitude and concern towards the animal world. It is skillfully researched and it is a thoroughly enjoyable read on a subject that otherwise could be considered arcane. There is great information and wonderful insights provided into the worldview of Judaism and its relationship to the other creatures that inhabit God's world with us humans."

- Rabbi Berel Wein

"Man and Beast is a fascinating and important work. It presents an aspect of Judaism that many of us do not even realize exists - its comprehensive principles and laws regarding our interactions with the natural world, in this case, specifically the animal world. Rabbi Natan Slifkin, the world-renowned "Zoo Rabbi," has accomplished amazing things in his seminal works on these topics. This new book of his will doubtless be treasured by educators and anyone seeking to enhance their understanding of the Torah's view of man's interaction with his fellow-inhabitor of this planet, the animal kingdom."

- Rabbi Chaim Malinowitz

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