Monday, January 16, 2006

Moving Books

We're doing some very minor construction next week. I had to move a full "miscellaneous" bookcase and I found a whole bunch of interesting things.

1. This is a cute and handy little book that I bought as a teenager.

2. In Marc Shapiro's riddles from last week, the answer to the first question was the last Mishnah in Sotah. In regard to what part of our text is actually Mishnah and what is an addition, see R. Ya'akov Nahum Ha-Levy Epstein's Mavo Le-Nusah Ha-Mishnah, vol. 2 pp. 976-977.

3. I found my copy of Candide (and here), which I think should be required reading for anyone wishing to offer a religious reason for a tragedy.

4. R. Hillel Goldberg, Between Berlin and Slobodka, pp. 73-74:

Already within a year after his arrival Rabbi Hutner was delivering addresses in English. His appearance was modern: no East European, long black rabbinical caftan, and no beard... To all outward appearances--dress, language, easy camaraderie with American ways of thinking and the American street urchins who became some of his first students--he was the first American yeshiva dean.

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