Thursday, November 03, 2005

Vomiting in Halakhah III

Let's say you recite kiddush on Shabbos and eat, and then throw up. You lie down and when you get up you feel better. When you are ready to eat, do you need to recite kiddush again or have you fulfilled your obligation? Recall that kiddush needs to be at a meal. Is it considered to be at a meal if you vomit the meal?

Rashbam (Pesahim 101a sv. af) writes that the source for the requirement that kiddush be part of a meal is Isaiah 58:13, "And call the sabbath a delight" -- when one calls the sabbath, i.e. recites kiddush, one should be in a place of delight, i.e. a meal. Based on this, the Kesav Sofer (Responsa, Orah Hayim 96) writes that one who eats a little, vomits, and then eats more has not had kiddush at a meal because the eating was lacking in "delight" (oneg). Similarly, R. Tzvi Pesah Frank (Har Tzvi, Orah Hayim 163) rules that if someone ate a whole meal and then vomited it, he has not fulfilled the obligation of having kiddush at a meal and, if he is feeling better, should repeat kiddush.

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