Friday, November 04, 2005

God's Covenant with the Jews

First Things has an article (not available online) by Avery Cardinal Dulles (the Cardinal is a title and not a middle name) in which the author explores the Catholic literature over the past few decades about the status of Jews and Judaism. Cardinal Dulles believes that the issue has often been misportrayed and seeks to clear the record. I can't say that he succeeds, because his article is confusing and often -- at least to this reader who is entirely unlettered in Catholic theology -- contradictory. Nevertheless, he makes his main point fairly clearly. While Jews have a convenant with God, they will eventually have to abandon that covenant and accept Catholicism's savior in order to achieve salvation. They, i.e. the Catholics, are willing to wait for us and are not supposed to proselytize, but they expect us to eventually accept their religion.

I think this adds perspective to the Jewish debate over interfaith dialogue. This does, at least in my unlearned view, seem to substantiate R. Joseph B. Soloveitchik's arguments in Confrontation.

I should add that I don't begrudge Catholics their beliefs. It makes more sense to me that they should expect us to accept their beliefs than that we can somehow get away without accepting their savior.

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