Monday, October 10, 2005

The Grand Blog Name Contest Extravaganza!

Here at corporate headquarters, the marketing department* has convinced management** that this blog's maximum potential is being hindered by the unwieldy product name. After careful market research***, management has yielded to the request to change the product's naming scheme.

To further this goal, this blog will be holding a CONTEST EXTRAVAGANZA for a new name, the winner of which will receive a FREE COPY of the excellent book Israel Salanter: Religious-Ethical Thinker (more about the book here; buy it here).

Here are the rules:

1. Either:
A. Think of a good name and post it in the comments section with your e-mail address
B. E-mail me the name here with "Contest Submission" as the subject

2. The name should have an available URL that is either exactly like it or close enough (e.g. or

3. After a while, I'll arbitrarily choose whichever name I like best.

4. Whoever submitted that name wins the book.

Enter the contest now and enter it often. Losers will have to pay to own this most excellent book.

* A guy down the block
** That would be me
*** Asking my wife, who doesn't really care

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