Friday, September 30, 2005

YU's New Tag Line

This just in:

A few friends of mine -- YU alums -- were exchanging e-mails about YU's new motto "Bring Wisdom to Life". Someone suggested e-mailing Richard Joel and one of us actually did. Here was his response, lightly edited (as you can see, he gave permission to spread it):

Wisdom, as we explain it, represents knowledge and values and that is what's distinct about YU. However, please spread throughout the blogosphere the fact that we have not replaced Torah Umadda -- it is, was, and will be the alma mater. We have not replaced the YU seal. It remains. All I have done is use additional branding elements, like other schools do, as corporate logos. The new YU flame is very popular, and, indeed, represents Torah Umadda, but doesn't replace the seal. Bring Wisdom to life is not our new "alma mater", but a tag line that we think brings a lot of value consistent with Torah Umadda. I've still not seen a satisfactory one line translation of Torah Umadda. We've used logos and tag lines for years -- "There is Only One YU", "Oldest and Largest...", etc. More has happened to advance Torah Umadda in the last few years than for several years, and will continue.
I think by "alma mater" he means motto, as in the the second definition provided by Merriam-Webster's. And I'll say again that I like the new tag line.

UPDATE: Yeshiva College's undergraduate newspaper, The Commentator, mentions this post in this article.

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