Monday, September 12, 2005

Shabbos Attire II

No matter how many times I visit certain communities, I never cease to be surprised when some people act as if Shabbos ends at lunch and, after they finish eating, walk around in more casual clothes. Shabbos ends later, and one is expected to dress appropriately throughout Shabbos. The Kaf Ha-Hayim (300:6) quotes the Peri Etz Hayim (R. Hayim Vital?) as stating that one should wear Shabbos clothes until after one eats melaveh malkah, the meal after havdalah. However, the Mishnah Berurah (262:8) is more lenient and rules that one should wear Shabbos clothes only until havdalah. After that, even before eating melaveh malkah, one may change into weekday clothes. But during Shabbos proper? No. Fine, you're at home and relaxing... take off your tie and jacket. But don't change into jeans! And when you leave your house, especially to shul, wear your Shabbos finest.

This is not an issue of peer pressure or communal conformity. It is a matter of kevod Shabbos. (see this post from ages ago)

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