Thursday, June 09, 2005

Orthodox Rappers

This morning, I followed some links on Blog in D minor to two other blogs that discuss an Orthodox rapper who recently became a J4J. I now see that The Forward has an article on it also.

Wow! There are Orthodox Jews who are rappers?

Yes, that's my take-away from this story. I must be only a few years older than them, yet I had little clue that such a subculture existed within the Orthodox world.

My only thought is... There is such a thing as combining Torah with contemporary culture, but hanging out in bars and clubs is not something an Orthodoxobservant (of any denomination) Jew should be doing. Peritzus, leitzanus, nivul peh, not to mention drugs and alcohol. Come on, guys. Get yourselves to a beis midrash, drop your ghetto slang and stop pretending that doing "shlock rock" to whatever music is currently hip is some sort of mitzvah. There is no kiddush Hashem in being more Britney than Britney (or whichever musician is cool nowadays).

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