Monday, June 27, 2005

New Azure

Azure is trying something new. In addition to putting its entire journal on its website, it has just started e-mailing advance PDFs of the journal to select contacts (I don't know how many are on the list, but I am). Very cool!

I haven't had a chance to read it, but I'll post the table of contents below. Right now, three things look very interesting: An article by Natan Sharansky (one of the few living heroes the Jewish people has) about the political legacy of Theodor Herzl, an article by someone I don't know about Rosenzweig and Heidegger, and a letter from R. Aaron Levine about halakhah, globalization and Nike's business practices.

Table of Contents:

Ella Florsheim - Giving Herzl His Due
Alain Finkielkraut - The Religion of Humanity and the Sin of the Jews: Europeans remake the Jews in their own image.
Yoram Hazony - Judaism and the Modern State: Why Hobbes learned Hebrew.
Dan Diker - A Return to Defensible Borders: Time to revive the classic security concept.
Natan Sharansky - The Political Legacy of Theodor Herzl: Before the melting pot, a differentvision of the Jewish state.
Robert S. Wistrich - Cruel Britannia: Anti-Semitism in Britain has gone mainstream.
Samuel G. Freedman - Golden State Warriors: GI Jews by Deborah Dash Moore and Company C by Haim Watzman
Jerome E. Copulsky - Star-Crossed: Rosenzweig and Heidegger by Peter Eli Gordon
Jonathan Marks - Shades of Enlightenment: The Roads to Modernity by Gertrude Himmelfarb
Jerome A. Chanes - American Idyll: American Judaism by Jonathan D. Sarna
Tod Lindberg - Getting to Denmark: State-Building by Francis Fukuyama
Correspondence - Robert Bork, Aaron Levine, and others.

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