Thursday, May 26, 2005

R. Shlomo Aviner on the Disengagement

From here:

In the Torah, it does not say "national religious". It speaks of worship of G-d, it speaks of the people of Israel- in other words, the whole of the people of Israel. I am not bothered by what is good for the national religious public, but by what is good for the whole people of Israel, what will help the people of Israel.

Redemption comes "little by little" - not all at once. Light and darkness are mixed together, and slowly the light conquers in its way. Sometimes, temporarily, the darkness also triumphs…. In the midst of the progress of the light, there are crises and setbacks... We are not working alone, but through the people of Israel and the State of Israel... Patience is needed. Patience is not a concession. We are not conceding anything. Do not say: "The state is finished, I have finished with the state." We have not finished with anything - not with the people, not with the state, and not with the army. We have only just begun. We are now in a great test.... I hereby declare: "I love Gush Katif and I love northern Samaria, but I love my people above all.
(But compare that with this.)

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