Saturday, March 05, 2005

Metzitzah III

The theme this Shabbos was metzitzah be-feh. My rabbi spoke about it and someone came for se'udah shelishis who said that R. Feivel Cohen spoke about it at length in his shul. It seem the R. Elyashiv asked R. Feivel Cohen to investigate exactly what happened with the baby that died and whether there is a danger in doing metzitzah be-feh. R. Cohen looked into the matter and spoke with a number of doctors. His conclusion is that the medical consensus is that there is no danger in doing metzitzah be-feh although there are some doctors who think there is. R. Cohen also reviewed the halakhic matters and concluded that there is no reason to require metzitzah be-feh. He pointed out that R. Aharon Kotler opposed the practice after a baby died in Lakewood. R. Hayim Soloveitchik also would not allow it in Brisk. However, R. Cohen concluded that it is not forbidden because most medical experts say that there is no danger. (Note that I heard this all second-hand and not directly from R. Cohen)

[No details about R. Tendler's involvement will be discussed on this blog or allowed in the comments.]

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