Wednesday, January 12, 2005


A friend alerted me to a new edition of R. David Zvi Hoffmann's responsa titled Melamed Le-Ho'il. It was published by Mosad Le-Idud Limud Ha-Torah and sponsored by the Kest-Lebovits Memorial Bnei Torah Compact Library. The edition has a letter of approbation from R. Hoffmann's great-grandson who tells a story about how his grandfather was, at least according to a character in the story, a ba'al mofes -- miracle-worker.

It seems this edition lacks volume 2 responsum 56 in which R. Hoffmann relates how, when he came to teach at R. Samson Raphael Hirsch's school, the latter told him to remove his hat and yarmulka around R. Hirsch so that the other teachers would not see his refraining from doing so as a sign of respect. R. Hoffmann also states there that in the school the students only wore yarmulkas during limudei kodesh classes and not during secular classes. This edition of Melamed Le-Ho'il has a large empty section where that responsum should have been and in its place in the table of contents.

Full text of responsum here.

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