Monday, March 15, 2004


UPDATE: I gave up on trying to maintain a running glossary. Sorry. If you don't understand a word, e-mail me.

This will be a running glossary and will be updated as new terms are added to the blog that require explanation.

Anus - Forced; under duress. Related to anussim and ones.
Anussim - People who are forced to do something. Related to anus and ones.
Avodah - Work or sacrificial service
Bentch(ing) - Reciting the grace after meals
CRabbi - I use the term CRabbi to connote a Conservative rabbi, a designation that is intended to imply that I do not consider holders of such title to accurately reflect the ancient tradition that the title "Rabbi" implies. This does not mean that I do not respect CRabbis for their scholarship or personal integrity because I have a good deal of respect for many of the CRabbis I know personally. But I feel a need to distinguish between CRabbis of the 20th-21st centuries and the very different rabbinic tradition while still conferring respect to their positions. Yes, followers of the Conservative movement will be offended by this. So start your own blog.
De-Oraisa - Of Biblical origin
De-Rabbanan - Of Rabbinic origin
Geshmak - Delight
Halakhah - Jewish law
Halakhic - Referring to halakhah
Hazzan(im) - Synagogue precentor(s)
Hirhur(im) - Musing(s), fantasy(ies)
Lifnei Iveir - A biblical prohibition against causing someone else to sin. Cf. Lev. 19:14
Lo tahmod - Do not covet (Ex. 20:17)
Lo tit’avveh - Do not desire (Deut. 5:21)
Mesaye’a Yedei Ov’rei Aveirah - A rabbinic prohibition against assisting in the commission of a sin
Ones - Force; duress. Related to anus.
Paskening - Rendering a decision on Jewish law. Related to posek.
Posek - An halakhic decisor. Related to paskening
Rishonim - Medieval rabbinic scholars. See Artscroll's The Rishonim.
Shehitah - Slaughtering an animal to make it fit for the kosher consumer
Tzadik - Righteous person

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