Friday, December 05, 2008

New Periodical: Tradition 41:3

A new issue has been published of Tradition vol. 1 no. 3, Fall 2008 (not yet available online):

  • "Yet My Soul Drew Back": Fear of God as Experience and Commandment in an Age of Anxiety by R. Shalom Carmy -- A characteristically profound article on yiras shamayim as experienced today (also published in the new Orthodox Forum book, to be discussed b"n next week). If I understand correctly, his conclusion is that today, at best, we engage in a fear out of desire. I think this is similar to what the Rishonim called yirah me-ahavah, discussed by the Orechos Tzadikim at the end of sha'ar ha-ahavah.

  • Philo Judeaus and the Torah True Library by Dr. Naomi Cohen -- Arguing that Philo should be utilized more in the frum world.

  • Survey of Recent Halakhic Literature: The Case of the Poisoned Sandwich by R. J. David Bleich - A detailed discussion of the case we discussed in this post: link. A brief glance through the endnotes did not reveal any citations of R. Dovid Gottlieb's or R. Aaron Levine's chapters on the subject.

  • Book Review - Flipping Out?: The Impact of the "Year in Israel" by Dr. Yoel Finkelman -- A fair and insightful review of this book that discusses what is in the book, what is not, and why the book marks an important step in present scholarly assessments to the general public.

  • Communications -- Some interesting letters regarding R. Aryeh Leibowitz's analysis of the Rambam's position on learning in kollel, R. Yitzchak Blau's article about Jewish responses to Communism and the probability underlying R. J. David Bleich's article on the kosher status of milk.

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