Wednesday, May 14, 2008

New Periodical: The Jewish Bible Quarterly 36:2 April-June 2008

There is a new issue of The Jewish Bible Quarterly:

  • Were the Prophets Opposed to Sacrifice? by Jacob Chinitz -- a review of (later) prophetic attitudes to sacrifices
  • When Does the Day Begin? by Yosef Green -- a review of the literature regarding whether the day follows the night or the night follows the day, with a particular emphasis on twentieth century academic scholars
  • Eldad and Medad by Fred Blumenthal -- a theory as to why Eldad and Medad were excluded, based on Maimonidean thought
  • Zedekiah: The Last King of Judah by Shimon Bakon -- weaves together the different and complementary accounts of the years prior to the destruction of the First Temple
  • The Duality of Man: A Study in Talmudic Allegorical Interpretations by Pinchas Kahn -- interpretations from R. Joseph B. Soloveitchik about Adam being created with two faces ("du partzufim")
  • Fraternal Strife in the Bible by Aiton Birnbaum -- a list of examples of intra-Jewish wars in the Bible
  • Korah and his Fall: Observations on Holiness by Joel Litke -- why Korah was wrong that "the entire congregation is holy"
  • Shalem: City or Safely? by Herbert Cohn -- different interpretations of Gen. 33:18
  • Reflections of Readers -- short insights

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