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Announcements #033


    Sunday, April 13th / 8 Nissan 5768

    Join WebYeshiva online for a day of inspirational learning in honor of Pesach on Sunday, April 13th. During the course of the day, there will be 10 live, interactive online shiurim given by WebYeshiva's renowned teachers. (Each shiur is 1 hour.)

    Click here to read moreInclined Toward Freedom: On Leaning at the Seder
    Rabbi Jeffrey Saks / 10:00am Israel time / 3:00am NY time

    "Because You Were a Slave in the Land of Egypt"
    Mrs. Ilana Saks / 11:30am Israel time / 4:30am NY time

    Different Meanings of Freedom and the Festival of Freedom
    Rabbi Avi Weinstein / 1:00pm Israel time / 6:00am NY time

    Possessing Chametz on Pesach: How Much is Too Much?
    Rabbi Dovid Fink / 3:30pm Israel time / 8:30am NY time

    Halachot of When Erev Pesach Falls on Shabbat
    Rabbi Moshe Morris / 5:00pm Israel time / 10:00am NY time

    Where Did Moshe Go? A View of the Haggada from the Vantage Point of Tanach
    Rabbi Yitzchak Twersky / 8:00pm Israel time / 1:00pm NY time

    The All-Nighter in B'nei Brak
    Mrs. Nomi Berman / 9:30pm Israel time / 2:30pm NY time

    The Meaning of Rabbi Yehuda's Ten Plagues Simanim
    Rabbi Yitzhak Zuriel / 11:30pm Israel time / 4:30pm NY time

    Reading Maggid: Secrets to the Haggada's Midrash Encoding
    Rabbi Yehoshua Geller / 1:00am Israel (April 14) / 6:00pm NY time

    Why is Moshe Rabbeinu Missing from the Haggada?
    Rabbi Chaim Brovender / 5:30am Israel time (April 14) / 10:30pm NY time

    Step #1: Go to
    Step #2: Click on the link "Free Yom Iyun on Pesach"
    Step #3: Click on "Login as a guest"
    Step #4: On the top left hand box, entitled "Next class", Please enter your first and last name in the "Name" form field and click "Join Now". This option will only appear 15 minutes before the commencement of each shiur.
    (Note: You must have your microphone, head phones, and web-cam plugged in before you click on "Join Class")
    Step #5: If this is your first time logging in to a class at WebYeshiva you will have to go through a one-time 5 minute set-up process (click here: link-PDF for simple instructions which detail that process).
    Step #6: Click yes when asked if you want to join the Integrated VoIP Conference.

    Help us promote this free Torah event by downloading this poster link-PDF and hanging it up in shuls and schools.

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