Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Office Microwaves

The OU Kashrut Department's answers in the current issue of Jewish Action, p. 70:

To use the office mircowave, one must double wrap the food. The wrappings do not have to be airtight; rather, the food should be covered on all sides in a manner that (a) does not allow it to come in contact with the walls or floor of the microwave, and (b) does not allow any of the condensation that forms on the ceiling of the microwave drip into the food. It is perfectly acceptable for one "wrapping" to be a loosely closed plastic container and the other to be a paper or plastic bag. It makes no difference if the food is a liquid or a solid...

One should remove any noticeable pieces of food from the spot where the kosher food will be placed. There is no need to clean out the rest of the microwave provided that the food is completely covered.

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