Monday, January 02, 2006

The History of Medicine and Halakhah

In case you missed it in this post, let me bring to your attention an article by Rabbi Dr. Edward Reichman titled "Impact of Medical History on Medical Halachah" (PDF). You might call him Rabbi Slifkin without the frum apologetics (and with medical training). I've only met him in person once, but something tells me that he'll appreciate that description. I'll add that when I mentioned his name to some roshei yeshivah, they responded very positively.

Here are some other essays and lectures of him that are online:
- YU Torah (including The Torah U-Madda Journal)
- End of Life and Sanctity of Life
- Review of Mysterious Creatures (PDF)
- Cloning, Between Panacea and Pandora's Box
- article about him
- Google him

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