Saturday, November 26, 2005

God on the Internet

First Things has an interesting article titled "God on the Internet" in which it pretends that only Christians have discovered the internet. The sole mention of Jews is in regard to I understand the focus on Catholics, but a mention of other religions might have been appropriate given the title and purported topic, no?

Some interesting observations in the article:

"There are other troubling features of the web. It lends itself easily to politicization..."

"Another reason for the tyranny of the banal is the web’s general disposition toward consumerism."

"Beliefnet is, quite successfully, helping people meet what they perceive as their spiritual needs... Which should worry us all—for perceived needs aren’t always the same thing as genuine needs, and answers to bad questions can turn into very, very bad answers."

"On the Internet, those dissatisfied with what they find in their religious brick-and-mortar communities can simply retreat into a virtual world in which they are surrounded entirely by like-minded people."

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